Trampoline World Elite Triune




1.  Set realistic, progressive goals.

2.  Work hard and find rewards therein.

3.  Desire to achieve, make it a priority.

4.  Take instruction without resenting constructive criticism.

5.  Keep a cool head and refuse to be frustrated.

6.  Rebound from setbacks/losses. increase determination.

7.  Be polite and well mannered in training, demonstrations, and competitions.

8.  Practice as if performing and competing, and compete as calmly as in practice.

9.  Listen to coach - ask questions if confused or not understanding.

10. Make use of available resources.

11. Always give maximum effort to conditioning.

12. Maintain a healthy diet.

13. Communicate with coach regarding any problems.

14. B or 3.0 average at school inorder to participate in meets, shows, clinics, etc.



1.  Sacrifice time and energy for the athletes and their development.

2.  Be polite and well mannered in training, demonstrations, and competitions.

3.  Work toward providing the best possible training for athletes.

4.  Make use of available resources.

5.  Listen to athlete, and ask questions if necessary.



1. Give athletes needed support:

A. Transportation

B. Financial Support

C. Medical Attention/Therapy (when needed)

D. Physical Presence (at competitions)

E. Encouragement (verbal and otherwise)

2.  Training is never easy and not always fun. Be encouraging.

3.  Refrain from pressuring your child. (Could be Dangerous!)

4.  Allow the coaches to do the coaching.

5.  Communicate with coach periodically.

6.  Support the gym, team, coach, and athlete.


TEAM CONSIDERATIONS (In Order of Priority)

1.  Attitude, desire, and accomplishment.

2.  Parental support.

3.  Athletic ability.

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