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What Is T & T?

  Trampoline & Power Tumbling was the newest Olympic sport featured in the 2000 Games held in Australia, and Trampoline World Gymnastics is Colorado's number one and World's largest Trampoline & Power Tumbling School. No matter how big or small, Trampoline and Power Tumbling is fun for all. 

Benefits Of Trampoline

Gymnastics Classes & Fun Center All Ages
Within the world of "Gymnastics", Trampoline & Power Tumbling specifically develops sensory integration--- unlocking your child' s potential. In addition, strength, flexibility and balance are developed in a fun and exciting atmosphere for smooth and progressive learning.

Trampoline World Gymnastics has created a unique and unparalleled curriculum proven to be the safest and the most effective method to accelerate your child' s skill level. Designed around the U.S.A Gymnastics, Trampoline & Tumbling, Junior Olympic Program, our curriculum is specific to each event and breaks down each rotation into two or three smaller periods to insure coaching continuity and motivation through achievement. We call it H.E.L.P. for "Handy Event Lesson Plans". Together with an experienced and caring coaching staff, effective student to coach ratios and a class format that allows for individualized attention, Trampoline World Gymnastic's students have lots of fun. Our program turns learning new skills into a positive and highly motivational activity in an environment that promotes positive self-image.

Trampoline & Power Tumbling

Specifically correlate to Diving, Cheer, Gymnastics, Soccer, Skating and all acro type sports. It's the ultimate sport for developing air-awareness and the basis of all flips. You won't believe how much fun and how easy it is to fly!

Trampoline World

"Where the Art Of Teaching is a Sport"

"Teaching is a Method… Motivation is an Art!"