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Trampoline World Safety Rules

#1 RULE: You are not allowed to hurt yourself or others.
2. Listen to the coach and ask how to correctly learn a new skill before trying it on your own. Parents and adults must let a coach give advice on skills and readiness for new skills. 2. Only one person on a trampoline at a time. A person, jumping on the tramp while another person is already on, may rebound that person through the air, causing severe injury.
3. Recklessness and horseplay is not allowed. Respect your body; do not attempt a flipping skill without help from a coach. Parents are not allowed to spot or assist children. Please ask for a Coach.
4. You are bouncing too high if you cannot stay in the middle of the tramp. You will be told to bounce lower or stop altogether if you cannot control your bounce.
5. Shoes are not allowed on trampolines & socks are not necessary. Trampoline is safer without socks. Cheerleaders may have tennis shoes on black beds only, never white beds.
6. Foam Pits can be a very dangerous area. Caution must be used around foam pits. Always check in and around pits to see if anyone is in or going into the pit. No hiding in pits. Rolling into pits is the safest way to enter. NO DIVING into pits. Do not throw kids into the pits. Always enter pits from one direction at a time. All other entries should be closed off. Do not cross pit zones areas marked with cones or bungees
7. Listen to your instructor and ask how to do something before trying it on your own. Parents and adults should let coach/instructor give advice on readiness for new skills.
8. Learn to walk around trampolines, no short cuts over tramps and landing areas. Jumping from tramp to tramp is very dangerous, may cause severe injury and is not allowed.
9. Learn to "Stop or Freeze" bounce before getting off any tramp. Getting off tramps correctly shows a coach your seriousness to learn and respect for yourself.
10. Children not in a class, who are five years old or younger must be chaperoned by an adult.
11. Even walking on a tramp while a little one is on it, may and has caused injury.
12. Climb off equipment, do not bounce, jump or fly off equipment onto the floor.
13. Runways & tumbling tramps work only in one direction. Do not run back and forth on this equipment. Walkways on either side are provided for your safety. Follow the direction of arrows wherever marked.
14. Only Instructors/coaches who have been trained to use the Spotting Harnesses are allowed to hook up students.
15. Please report any injuries immediately to an Instructor or coach. A report must be filled out and filed.
16. Any participant arriving late must be checked in on "Trampoline World Safety Rules". The host will be responsible since the instructor is already on the gym floor.
17. Jewelry, belts or any objects that may get caught on equipment must be placed in cubbies.
18. Food, drink & gum are not allowed in gym area.
19. Only members with signed waivers & an understanding of "Trampoline World Safety Plan" are allowed on gym floor. This includes any parents helping on the gym floor. A "Rules and Safety Interview" is necessary for all field trips and parties. All members must follow the posted rules.

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