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What is KinderGym gymnastics?

Gymnastics Classes for Toddlers KinderGym is a preschooler’s gymnastics paradise within a huge training facility. Our preschool dedicated gym uses exclusive equipment scaled down to 1 through 5 year old kids. KinderGym focuses on play to make fitness fun. Our curriculum concentrates on air-aware and sensory integration which are key components of childhood development that are often over looked or missed altogether. Two common myths/attitudes, is to “wait until my child is older and more ready” and or “my child is not coordinated enough for gymnastics”. In any case, all children become far more coordinated when allowed to play and learn within a safe and positive atmosphere that KinderGym provides. The earlier a child starts, the easier he or she learns skills that create confidence and a good base from which to excel in other activities and sports. KinderGym utilizes Spotting Harnesses to assist flipping skills, trampolines, beams and bars, foam pits, trapeze, ropes and geometric shaped mats that enable kids to learn skills like cartwheels, handsprings and real flips, in a soft and safe environment. The KinderGym fitness system is ahead of the curve with its unique Spotting Harnesses, trampolines and “state of the art” training equipment to give your child a fun and safe class experience!

  • *Visit KinderGym today for a FREE “test flight” class. Kids love our fun and motivating learning adventures.

  • *Classes start as low as $110 for an 8 week session for 3 – 5 year olds.

  • *Most KinderGym classes are scheduled alongside our school age classes so all your kids can learn & play at the same time!

Diaper Gym - Toddler to 3 yrs. olds

Parents are taught how to teach rolls, muscle memory positions, handstand skills and lots of upside down tasks and Spotting Harnesses flipping, put together in such a way as to develop a child’s motor skills, air awareness and sensory integration beyond natural means. “Play” at KinderGym is unusual in that children can learn flips simply, without fear or pain! Graduation happens when parents help their child through “shadowing” a preschool class and a bond develops between child and teacher. Click here for philosophy, teaching approach, helpful hint to parents and what to expect. Preschool Gymnastics 3-5 years old) A broad program developing sensory integration through rolls, handstand skills, cartwheels, positions through muscle memory, short routines, Spotting Harnesses flips, flip flops, star walks, climb the mountain, rope climb, fun strength conditioning, feel good stretching, persistence, respect & social skills are a sample of KinderGym curriculum. Preschool Gymnastics-“Fast Trac” - One Hour Classes: More intense, very fast paced for the more experienced student, Dive rolls, positions, handstand skills, short routines flips, flips flops, rope climb, strength conditioning, flexibly, persistence, respect & social skills are samples of KinderGym curriculum.

Benefits Of Trampoline on Health & Coordination

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