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Building Confidence Trampoline World

Trampoline World Gymnastic's Philosophy

All Trampoline World Gymnastics programs are structured to inspire positive relationships by focusing attention on self-development. We discourage the anti-productive attitude of intense competition and focus on rewarding individuals for their own personal achievement.

Trampoline World Gymnastic's Goal

  • Our goal is to teach each student how to consistently demonstrate a "never, never give up" attitude.
  • Everyday our students must have improvement, no matter how small, they need to know what it was.
  • Our students will learn that working on weaknesses will improve you more than specializing in areas of strength.

We Believe


Teaching our students about respect, persistence and discipline is our first priority.


It is our responsibility to supply all who come to us with a chance to succeed on their own terms, not ours.


Learning how to learn is a tool one will use forever and get better with time.


A child' s success should never depend upon another child' s failure.


The self-esteem our students get from their training is the most valuable tool they will ever own.