Congratulations and Welcome to Trampoline World Elite's Competitive Season!!!

You and your athlete are part of the Trampoline World Elite's Team program. “The Best of the Best”. We appreciate the commitment that your family and your athlete have made. We are excited to have you become part of the Trampoline World Elite's family. “To be on Trampoline World Elite's Team should be regarded as a privilege. Students chosen to be on team are not only the talented, but those who are willing to work hard, learn eagerly, and be a team player. A team Military must be able to follow instructions and work independently. A Military must take constructive criticism without taking it personally.

Trampoline World Elite's Mission: We seek the improvement and growth of the athletes’ physical skills as well as their confidence in themselves. We strive to help each child reach their full potential, both in and out of the gym. Our goal is not only to build a winning team but also build self-esteem, self-discipline, respect and character in each student.
Trampoline World Elite's Philosophy: One by one we better our community through the training of our athletes to be good citizens. We teach to celebrate the victories and learn from the failures. Your child’s success will never depend on another child’s failure. Our training philosophy can be said in four words: Motivation, Progressions, Follow Through. The lessons learned each day in training are far more important to his or her future in life than what color medal is ever won. They are learning how to learn. Trampoline and tumbling may not be as important to them in ten years. However, our athletes are developing those tools for dealing with life. Respect, persistence, patience, humility, empathy, and learning that continued effort will eventually bring success no matter how tough it seems at the time.

USTA, (AAU) Competitions
We do require participation in all our home competitions. There are local meets, and out of town meets. Most out of town meets are only required for the upper levels (Sub Adv. and up). State and Nationals are open to all athletes, giving them the experience of what a big competition is like. To qualify at the State level, you must compete at least one sanctioned USTA meet. To qualify for Nationals, you must be in the top 10 of your age group, level, and boy or girls division. Each athlete will be evaluated at the beginning of the season so that they will be placed into the proper competitive level.  Your athlete may be starting at the same level they were at last year but may be advanced up to the next level determined by both the coach and athlete. The athlete must show increased determination along with appropriate skills readiness. Summer training is the period where athletes who have the drive and accomplishment, develop to the next level. Athletes, who demonstrate approximately the same proficiency at the higher level as their current level, will be encouraged to move up. However, attendance and work ethic are extremely important in determining advancement.  Only the head coach and at least one assistant will make that decision.  Maturity, consistency and parental support are also taken into account.

What to expect during a meet: Please avoid scheduling any other activities for meet days. Meet schedules are only tentative and often run quicker or slow than expected.  Make every possible attempt to have your athlete to the meet on time for warm ups and prep time. Your athlete will feel behind and not ready the entire competition if they are late.  Have all long hair tied back out of the face and close to the head in a bun. Bobby pins are not permitted. No Gum. No jewelry, including earrings of any kind, rings, necklaces, fingernail, or toenail polish is allowed to be worn.  Athletes are not allowed in the competition or audience area in any wear other than team warm-ups.  Trampoline World Elite's athletes must be in competition or team warm-up wear when accepting any awards.  As in any Trampoline World Elite's or USTA, (AAU) rule violation, the athlete and or parent will be suspended one week from the gym per occurrence. 
To make our home competitions the best experience possible, parent volunteers are essential to the operation and organization of meets.  Our competitions can be lengthy.  Volunteers help manage meets run smoothly and as fast as possible. We ask that each family help out in at least one competition. We especially like volunteers who stay after to clean and put the back together.  The other way to help our meets run faster is by becoming a judge. The more qualified judges we have, the faster the meet will run. This is an exciting opportunity for you to learn more about the sport your child is in. The State will hold a certification course and multiple learning opportunities for judges, coaches and parents who want to know more. Please let us know if you are interested in becoming a judge. We appreciate all of the help we can get!!!
No one is permitted to be on the competition floor during a sanctioned competition without proper professional or athlete credentials. Coaches, athletes, judges, and meet volunteers are allowed on the floor as per assignments. All others must remain behind barriers during meets. No parents are permitted to approach a judge or meet official at any time during the meets. To do so is in violation of USTA & Trampoline World Elite's parent’s policy and that parent may not attend any more meets that season. The athlete may also incur a deduction. That is what the coaches are for. Talk only to them in order to avoid an embarrassing and costly situation.

Year Round Training and Tuition
Trampoline World Elite's coaching staff are hired year round and certified by USTA, (AAU) gymnastics as professional coaches.  Trampoline World Elite's acknowledges that families take vacations and breaks during the year. Tuition has been calculated for only 11 months of the year, giving athletes and their families one free month.  Tuition is then divided into 6 payments or about once every 8 weeks.  For this reason, we do not prorate or give credit.  Make-ups are required. 

D.O.B. Rule—an athlete must compete all season at the age he/she will be at the end of that season year on Dec. 31st. 

Meet Fees will typically run between $25-$45 each depending on the number of events entered and level of competition.

Communication/Chain of Command
Communication occurs in three ways. The first is verbal. Feel free to talk to us. We are always willing to talk with you, but please understand that it is not always appropriate to talk to us during a practice. That time is for the kids and we need to keep our full attention on them.  The second is through the use of the team folders and the team bulletin board. Team folders are located near the back of the gym by the Team lockers. Every athlete has a folder in the box; they are responsible for checking their boxes every time they are in the gym for new information. The third form is through email or phone. Please make sure that we have your correct and active email address to receive important information. To be able to get in touch with us:

Team Director: Mrs. Z

Katy or Liz @ the Front Desk: 531-5867 
Trampoline World Management:

Workout clothes: For girls—No t-shirts! No long pants! Leotards must be worn. No baggy shorts are permitted. Smaller fitted shorts may be worn over the leotard. Proper sports bras must be worn. For boys—No t-shirts! Only boy leos or under armor type shirts. No big baggy shorts are allowed. The requirement is shorts with a maximum length of three fingers above the top of the kneecap. Proper under garment for support are required such as a jockstrap or compression shorts for safety.
Projected costs of uniforms:
Girls leotard, (Sleeveless) $45
Boys Jersey-- $45
Shorts-- $20-30
Pants-- $30-40
Tramp Shoes--$20
Warm ups-- $90-110 Optional but very nice looking! (Athletes are not allowed to wear coats on the competition floor.)                                                                                                              
Warm ups are required for competitions outside of Trampoline World Elite's. No other form of warm-up wear is allowed in the competition area, including jackets or sweaters. Warm-ups should not be thought of as “non-essential” wear. The warm-up expresses team unity.  It's also important in safety and the prevention of injury, keeping the athlete warm and comfortable prior to competition.  Often athletes are nervous before performing, causing them to feel cold.
Trampoline shoes are required for practicing on the competition trampolines and for double mini. You can purchase these shoes through us for $20.

Parents Role
1. Do not coach your athlete in or outside the gym.  You're their parent, not their coach.  
2. Be supportive and listen. Please inform us of any issues or events that may affect training.
3. Make sure they know that no matter how they perform or compete you will always love them and that you appreciate their efforts and are never disappointed in them.
4. Make sure your athlete sleeps, eats well balanced meal, stays hydrated, etc.
5. Encourage athletes to do their best and keep them motivated through the hard times. Give verbal and non-verbal encouragement. Training hard is not always easy or fun. Your athlete will have good and bad days. Reminding them of a positive attitude in a workout will encourage them to return to the next practice with a positive outlook.
6. Support their coach and help them see our point of view. Call us if you need help.
7. Refrain from negative conversation with or regarding other parents, athletes, staff or other gyms. Please direct your concerns to the Head Coach or to the Gym
8. Provide transportation to all team events.
9. Communicate with the coaches about any injuries or physical issues your athlete has, so that we can take steps work around them in practice.
10. Do not pressure your athlete. Help them to understand that setbacks and losses are a part of training and competition. Pressure will only prolong the setback.
11. Maintain an open line of communication with the coaches. You and your athlete are responsible for checking email and your folders for important information/communication and for responding to posted deadlines.
12. Please limit your observation at workouts to the last 15 minutes of the training session. The area beside the trampoline is “off limits”. Please keep back away from the wall, this is a safety issue. Avoid any conversations during training. 

Athletes Role
1. Come to practice on time, focused, and be ready to train hard. Give
100% effort. Take instruction without resentment, and work at making the correct adjustments.
2. Conduct yourself at all times in a manner beneficial to the Trampoline World Elite's Team program.
3. Maintain a neat and clean appearance. Get taped and groomed before practice.
4. Wear the required workout or competitive wear requested when training, traveling, or competing.
5. Respect coaches, staff, other athletes, volunteers, and parents. Respect other teams, coaches, and judges while at a competition.
6. Encourage teammates to reach their full potential. Congratulate them on their successes and encourage them when they hit a setback.
7. Maintain good standing with the USTA, AAU and Trampoline World Gymnastics.
8. Set realistic and progressive goals. Work toward those goals.
9. Give the maximum effort to training and conditioning and to maintaining a healthy diet. You should not eat junk food or have soda prior to or during practice!
10. Be responsible for your belongings, do not leave them around the gym. Put your name inside of everything!!!
11. Have fun and keep your sense of humor!
12. Do not attempt new skills without a coach’s consent or presence.
13. During competitions, listen for your flights, and award times. Be on time, and be prepared. Be polite, considerate of others and encouraging to other competitors at all times. Team warm-ups or competition wear are required at awards. 
14. Communicate with the coaches about any injuries that you have, and work at all conditioning exercises given so that you may return to normal practices as soon as possible.
15. Maintain an open line of communication with the Coaches. Be responsible for checking emails and folders for communication/information, and for responding to posted deadlines.

At Trampoline World Elite's, we see only three situations that our athletes can be in at one time. They are actively training in the gym. They are in the audience outside the gym. Or they are injured and diligently conditioning around their injury. Athletes who “drop out” of the training environment while injured do not heal as fast and take far more time getting “back into it”. We have a great injury conditioning program that isolates the injury and conditions the rest of the body and mind while healing. If your athlete can go to school, they can safely rehab at Trampoline World Elite's. We can forward the injury isolation program to you or your doctor if you need.

Additional Information
Your athlete should have a gym bag with them at all practices. They should have with them at all times: appropriate workout clothes, snacks (granola bars, fruit, bagels), tramp shoes, warm ups/sweats for cold days, hair ties for long hair, tape and pre-wrap if needed, water or a sports drink. We are more than happy to tape your athlete for practices to help protect injuries. But please provide your own taping supplies for this purpose. The gym cannot cover the cost of taping your child for every practice. There will be tape at the front desk that you can purchase, if your child needs to be taped on a regular basis.
Athletes should not be on the floor before or after their scheduled class time. This can be distracting for the kids who are in class and trying to pay attention to their coach. Please respect the other athletes. This year we are instating a dismissal policy. If an athlete needs to leave practice early, they will be asked to sign out and state the reason they are leaving early. Athletes that continually leave early will have a notice sent to their parent that must be signed and returned. This way, we know the parents know that their child is leaving the training sessions early on a regular basis.

Open gyms are free for those athletes who train three days per week. The desk has a list of those athletes, please do not take advantage of this privilege.

Individual fund-raising
Colorado Youth Sports Organization, (CY) supports Trampoline World Elite's competitive athletes. The IRS has given CY a tax exempt, charitable status. This means you may contribute donations and possibly receive tax relief.  You may also recruit sponsors who would like an advertising banner displayed at Trampoline World Elite's.  Please see banner sponsorship program and fund-raising in this handout.  CY has made it possible for individual families to raise funds to off-set competition and training expenses. Important information about CY is on Trampoline World Elite's Team site at: